What is Wizible?

Wizible is a St. Louis, MO based tech startup company that is building a fully immersive magical experience for users to have in any environment. A magical Wizible wand is a powerful piece of technology that will enable the user to control things in their environment as well as allow them to duel against an opponent in a laser tag format anywhere.


The Birth of Magic

Inspired by a magically themed party in the Fall of 2014, our founder wondered what it would be like to bring real magic to life. He began tinkering with technology and developing the skills necessary to build our first wand prototypes by hand out of wood. These prototypes would serve as the basis for our future wands.


Our Team

Wizible was officially started by two friends – Andreas (founder) and Jordan in the Fall of 2016. The core Wizible team expanded to four with the additions of Matt and Elliot over the next couple months. Together this team started to develop Wizible’s grand vision of building a fully immersive magical world.

While the core Wizible team is now mainly composed of Andreas, Matt, and Elliot, a larger group of people frequently volunteer their time and talents to assist the Wizible team and we are truly thankful for the skills and expertise they bring.


Our Vision

Wizible’s vision is grand. We are building a magical experience that extends beyond a movie screen or the pages of a book. We are building the wands that will allow witches and wizards to harness the magic within and channel it into the world around them. A Wizible wand will allow it’s owner to duel against friends and family in a laser tag format in any environment. It will allow them to control things in their surroundings. It will also be used to interact with various points of interest in unique ways.

While the magical experience Wizible is building will be available in many regions, one region in particular is a very large part of our vision. As a St. Louis company, we feel very passionately about building something unique and special for our home market and the surrounding Midwest region. Wizible wants to build in St. Louis and offer something truly magical to a region that seems starved for something special. Our goal is to not only build our own dedicated laser tag arena or escape rooms here, but we want to start by partnering with various St. Louis points of interest who are interested in being a part of the magic and expanding this experience into their spaces as well. This would allow a Wizible witch or wizard to visit the many other wonderful attractions this region has to offer and use their wands to interact in those environments in unique ways as well.